Joyce C.
Giving a shout out for the BEST FRIES in the Valley! These French fries are sized between a shoestring and a steak fry and perfectly cooked! They have a crispy exterior and inner soft bite. The salt and seasoning ratio is perfect. The real potato flavor makes me think they are hand-cut the same day. Superior in every way!
Joamarie Garcia
We've been wanting to check out Mrs Liptrap's since it opened and finally got a chance to for a late Sunday lunch. The restaurant opened recently so they are still making a few changes and repairs inside, and we chose to sit outside. The interior bar area is cute and they have a large selection of bourbon. I ordered a Manhattan and my husband ordered an Old Fashioned. The drinks were both well made and came out quickly. For food, we split a Sample Appetizer and I ate a Steak & Cheese w/fries and he decided on the Reuben w/ deviled eggs. The appetizer was huge and all the items were cooked really well. The fried mushrooms were super juicy and the Mozz sticks where HUGE. Both of our sandwiches were huge and really delicious. The deviled eggs were really good and their steak fries are really crispy. We left extremely full and with dinner for tonight! Our waitress was sweet and gave us just the right amount of attention. I gave them 5 stars with the understanding that they are still new and have a few kinks to work out (mostly finishing up the decor), but we are both looking forward to coming back soon for another meal!
Wes Rexrode
Great Home-cooked food, Friendly staff. Nice portions for the price. You can't beat it!
Terry Bartley
We received excellent service. The wait staff was attentive and very friendly. The atmosphere was what we would have expected from a family restaurant; casual and relaxed. We felt welcomed and at home. We will most definitely make Mrs. Liptraps our "go to" restaurant. When entertaining family, friends as well as business associates.
Tim Emanuele
Best food in Staunton! It's a home cooking restaurant, so don't go in expecting chick FIL a speed of getting your food. The wait isn't even that bad, unless you're impatient. Besides, the food is well more than worth it. I'd eat here every single day if I could! Prices are plenty reasonable as are the portions!
Michele Loan
Great place to eat.. the family that works there is amazing. The burgers and coleslaw is to die for...
Michele L.
Amazing place great people food is wonderful.. laid back environment and the bar is looking good